Muse Entertainment Group

Muse Entertainment Group Co., Ltd is a creative and visionary entertainment company offering and developing ‘unparalleled music experiences’. Based in Bangkok, the company will work with new talents and some established faces from Thai and International music scenes. Muse Entertainment Group will market and distribute the artists work and contexts, manage their social networks, produce and sell collectable merchandises as well as promote live performances both in Thailand and abroad. Operating primarily as a music services company, it will be adopting the emerging business executions being developed throughout the music industry worldwide. It also strongly concentrates on ‘monetization’ in digital marketplace and innovative live concert opportunities, enhancing impression of music fans in Thailand and all over the world.

V love Client

V LOVE CLIENT (VLC) is a full-service boutique event management agency that was created from the founder’s profound passion for distinctive events, specializing in combining creative innovation and logistical strategy to create events that leave a lasting impression. Whether size and scope, VLC treats your event like a business with clear strategic objectives, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to deliver your event on time and on budget.

Monster Media

Monster Media is a revolutionary interactive media company that specializes in interactive displays and various other forms of new media. Monster Media has projects that range from events and media to other large-scale installations, focuses on maximizing consumer engagement through the use of cutting edge technologies while censuring that customer’s message is communicated effectively. Monster Media is Thailand’s leading interactive media firm for the past four years and has been pushing the limits to how technology can be applied to marketing, allowing brands to communicate with their consumers in new and unique way. Some of their innovation includes:

  • Kinect
  • Multitouch
  • Interactive photo kiosks
  • Augmented Reality