Food Capitals Public Company Limited is an investor into rapidly growing consumption businesses across Asia and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Food Capital has a strategic tie-up with its largest shareholder, Fico Corporation, the largest privately-owned hospitality owner in Thailand. This partnership permits Food Capital to co-develop opportunities with FICO in Thailand, and to leverage FICO’s outstanding location and site procurement abilities.

Food Capitals owns franchise rights for five top international consumer brands: Tune Hotels, Domino’s Pizza, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Kyochon and Magnolia Bakery. It also owns a growing stable of popular and high-grossing stand-alone restaurants in Bangkok. Aside from its hospitality and Food & Beverage business, EC owns ancillary IT and marketing businesses, which support the Company’s roll-out of its consumer platforms. Their current geographic bases include Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.



The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

CBTL is the second largest American specialty coffee and tea retailer in the world, founded in Los Angeles in 1963. It operates more than 1,000 stores in 32 international markets. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf serves almost 2 million customers weekly around the globe. There are 19 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Thailand as of October 2014. CBTL is the strong #2 premium coffee retailer in most regional markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Food Capitals owns the development rights for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Thailand.

Domino’s Pizza (Thailand)

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Domino’s Pizza opened its first store in late December 2012 and currently operates 13 stores as of October 2014. Domino’s ranks among the world's top public restaurant brands with its global enterprise of more than 11,000 stores in over 70 international markets. Evolution Foods owns the development rights for Domino’s Pizza in Thailand. The pizza market in Thailand is dominated by two players, the market leading local brand, The Pizza Company, and the distant-second Pizza Hut.


Korean fried chicken restaurant chain, Kyochon was founded in 1991, and is the absolute market leader domestically. Food Capitals owns the development rights for Kyochon in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar and co-invests with a Franchisor as a joint venture. There are 2 Kyochon store and 2 sub-franchised stores in Thailand as of September 2014.. The number of daily average customers: about 120,000. It was selected as New York’s best chicken wing by NBC.
The number of Kyochon stores in Korea is over 1000 and their international presence is in China, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Thailand.

Magnolia Bakery (Japan)

Magnolia Bakery is one of New York’s most famous cupcake bakery shop. Magnolia Bakery first opened its doors in July 1996 on a corner of NYC's Greenwich Village. Magnolia Bakery New York is a familiar scene in TV series “Sex and the City”. Its 1st store in Japan opened in June 2014 and is already the brand’s highest grossing Magnolia Bakery store globally.
         Food Capitals is the major shareholder of a Japanese joint venture that owns and operates Magnolia Bakery in Japan, under a development license from Magnolia Bakery International LLC.

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Currently there are 4 operating stores at Seenspace, Siam Center, Central World, Empire Tower, Terminal 21 and The Mall Bangkapi in Bangkok. Food Capitals also franchises its Mr. Jones’ Orphanage to Q Dining’s, the operating partner of Magnolia Bakery in Japan. The first Mr. Jones’ Orphanage in Sapporo opened in July 2014. There are plans to open more additional stores in Japan through a franchisee which is also the operating partner in Magnolia Bakery in Sapporo, Japan. There are more expansion plans including franchising the brand in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and The UAE in the near future.


The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies is a sexy and sophisticated bar and restraint located in the heart of Thonglor, Bangkok. Its peculiar wall of potion-like illuminated bottles makes it both eye-catching and creative. The narrow, decrepit Dickensian factory-themed shop house is decorated with mixing hewn wood, massive rusty-cogs, rickety piping and walls lined with vials of fairy dust. The famous mixologist, Joseph Boroski, is behind the “man behind the bar”, blow-torching marshmallows and shaking perfectly blended cocktails.

Bangkok Betty

Another creation has a theme that conjures up the industrial WWII 1940’s America, with its pin-up girls and love of all things chrome. Bangkok Betty is a bar meant to evoke a bomb factory & gastro pub with huge chrome cylinders of all sizes offering comfy armchairs and dining tables inspired by the factory of assembly lines. The drink menus are created by mixologist Joseph Borowski designed to match the allied forces vibe with names like Kickapoo Joy Juice & Cyanide for Hitler whilst also serving wine by the glass & American craft beers.

Maggie Choo’s

Maggie choo’s is a former bank vault in this 200 year old building in Silom. A cabaret cum noodle-shop, with sexy burlesque performances and marvelous blues music. The bar counter is behind the bars of what was an old fashion clerk counter and the place is filled with velvet seas and leather sofa’s. All around the venue are bust statues, old paintings and even a couple of swings hanging from the ceiling. The background music is well selected and the dimmed lights successfully recreate a speakeasy atmosphere. From 10 pm onwards the mood changes with great live Jazz music with renowned artists playing on the weekends.

Fat’R Gut’z

Fat’R Gut’z is one of the city’s unique restaurant. Fat’R Gut’z is a celebrated den, serving a slice of English pub-style with a tint of New York ambience. Fat’R Gut’z is located in a trendy mall, “The Seen Space” on Thonglor road and features Bangkok’s top DJ’s lining up to perform at the alfresco garden.

Fat Gut’z saloon

A two-storey compact saloon, located at the heart of Thonglor, Fat Gut’z saloon is a restraint that specializes in oysters, salt and pepper squid, authentic fish and chips and more! Fat Gut’z saloon is a combination of excellent live music, a creative range of New York style cocktails also designed by mixologist Joseph Boroski, a moody low lighting, dark woods appealing décor and a cozy atmosphere. Fat Gut’z saloon is known for its unique and vibrant ambience.


The 22nd century theme restaurant and bar, Clouds, is a techno-eco-inspired bar with acrylic blocs showcasing decomposing leaves and futuristic looks. Clouds is meant to evoke a kind of museum for nature, in a future world where it has all but disappeared.

Bon Bon

Bon Bon is an adult playground that disregards the rulebook to offer you Ping Pong games and deliciously playful desserts alongside modern tacos and 18 appetizingly well-priced wine by the glass. Performers dazzle from within a suspended birdcage while three custom-made glass Ping Pong tables and drinking games take centre stage below. Groups of friends take a time out in the hidden ice room and mingle at the cocktail bar. The bold, yet intricately detailed, interior design fuses playful, yet sophisticated steampunk, Japanese mecha and clockwork elements with moving art installations to conjure an otherworldly dimension.

Fat Gut’z Saloon Eastville

The new local corner saloon brings beers, grub and good times to CentralFestival Eastville. A cosy 20-table design (by Khun Yok from Trimode Studio) stays true to the Fat Gut’z aesthetic - think maritime metalwork and steam-punk creations. Live music sets the mood and tone, with rock and blues played every night for you and all your beer slugging, whiskey downing, yo ho rum-drinking mates. Take on the Fat Gut’z Saloon home-brew and swig on ice-cold suds, with 10 extra-cooled draught taps pouring the best beers in town.The famous Fat Gut’z Fish n’ Chips are joined by a brand-new menu for lunch and dinner, including the new to Fat Gut’z cake counter, serving up classic cakes, pies and baked treats.


Hendix’s art café

Located in Sapporo, Japan Hendix’s art café is known for its different and creative Italian dishes at a reasonable price. With calm interior and subtle light, the atmosphere and space is perfect for hosting parties and banquets, with its impressive substantial party courses.


With antique furniture, Shelf located in Sapporo Japan under the Q’s Dining Inc a food and beverage company, is an open air café surrounded by books. Popular for its Desert Viking and its variety of western courses, Shelf is known for its impressive lunch and dinner menu which has a wide range of day to day courses.

Sea Market Sapporo

Sea Market Sapporo also under the Q’s Dining Inc. Japan, Sea Market Sapporo offers a variety of seasonal seafood and sashimi with top-notch oyster dishes you can enjoy with a drink. Resembling comfort and luxurious image of New York’s private room, Sea Market Sapporo is a place suited for taking your loved one or hosting parties or banquets.


A Kyoto-style-yakiniku restaurant, Sakuragi is a sophisticated restaurant that offers a private dining experience and a relaxed Kyoto-style atmosphere. It offers a carefully selected Shiraoi cow and Matsuzaka beef, grilled meat, Sukiyaki and also Shabu-shabu. The sashimi is tailored seasonally with the use of different seasonal ingredients. The substantial type of courses and the atmosphere makes Sakuragi a true Kyoto-style restaurant for everyone to enjoy.


Urara is a shabu-shabu restaurant that has a special pot partitioned into two for both hotpot as well as charcoal skewers. It is popular for its pig skewers, its juicy meatbalss and bacon amongst other dishes. Urara offers private room that fits in around 20 people. These private rooms have various sizes and are ideal for enjoying your drinks and dishes amongst friends and family.


Located in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan, Valore is a luxury Italian restaurant that offers top quality Italian dishes. With spacious sofa seats and Swarovski lighting and chandelier, marble and natural wood, Valore’s interior has been done with attention to detail. The maximum number of people allowed in 1 floor at Valore is 84.

Seasons Buffet Restaurant

Seasons Buffet Restaurant is a modern and stylish impression of a European-style restaurant. It is the perfect restaurant to have a family meal. The entrance has an eye-catching chocolate fountain with an assortment of beautifully presented array of delicious snacks.

Hokkaido Beer Garden

Hokkaido is renowned for high quality and freshness of its seafood as it is surrounded by the cold waters of Japan’s northernmost region and is an ideal location for fish and sea vegetation. The Hokkaido Beer Garden offers a menu of fresh seafood and farm-fresh vegetables. It offers a large space for its customers who also have the option of choosing private/party rooms.

Maruyama grill

Maruyama grill, a western grill cuisine offers its customers the best steak and omelets and has a stylish family friendly environment. With fresh eggs and grilled dishes such as the hamburger with Japanese Wagyu beef are amongst its most popular dishes. Their vegetables are carefully stewed and offer an array of Desserts their customer can enjoy with an impressive selection of wine it offers.


One minute walk from the North Exit of the Sapporo station, Uokichi serves fresh seafood and fresh seasonal vegetables. With fresh meals and Hokkaido Sake, Uokichi offers its customers an open kitchen, a variety of dishes as and private rooms with kotatsu.

Bistro Fromage

Bistro Fromage, a French cuisine restaurant offers wine tailored food at a reasonable price. With more than 12 kinds of carefully selected cheese, Bistro Fromage is best known for its cheese fondue, pasta risotto and its melted cheese dishes. The atmosphere is suitable from business to family events.


Sai is a wagyu steak and grilled meat restaurant. They serve the highest quality beef of A5 ranking amongst other dishes such as steaks, grilled meat, sukiyaki etc. Guests get to enjoy their meal at a sophisticated comfortable private room overlooking the view of Chuo-ku, Sapporo. In addition, the meal is also served with Hokkaido wine which is a perfect combination with the Wagyu beef. Sai corresponds to various scences such as entertainment, business and family.

Mr. Jones Orphanage

With a franchise with Magnolia Bakery, Mr. Jones Orphanage opened in Japan in July 2014. Decorated with fluffy teddy bears, vintage prints and toys, Mr. Jones is a whimsical world of childhood fantasies. Some of their signature deserts include Custard Cow’s Poo, Chocky Mud pie. Also recommended are their drinks like Chunky Monkey, Tang Mummy etc. Mr. Jones is a great venue for both kids and adults who are kids at heart.


Kai offers a completely private room with fresh delicious seafood. Known to be a seafood restaurant, the chef offers an array of sashimi and a variety of dishes be it charcoal or boiled.


Red Planet Hotels

Red Planet Hotels is one of the region’s fastest growing investment platforms with value hotel hospitality sector. The company is a focused developer, owner and operator of hotels which are either franchised or managed by Tune Hotels. Founded in 2010, Red Planet Hotels currently has ownership interest in 30 operational hotels, with 7 hotels currently under development. Red Planet is the second largest owner of Tune Hotels with a stake of 17% in the company.