FICO Metal and Minerals (FIMA)

FICO Metals & Minerals Co., Ltd. shortly called FIMA, is a newly formed company incorporated in May 2014 to handle Metals, Minerals and related businesses. FIMA endeavors to carry out both trading as well as processing and manufacturing activities in these areas, which were earlier part of the activities of FICO Corporation for several years. While FIMA’s initial focus of business has been on products like Ferro Alloys, Anthracite, Steam Coal, Coke, Copper Ore, Manganese Ore, Metal scraps etc., the long term focus is to expand into other commodities and industrial raw materials as well.



Gamma Group: Total textile solution

Bischoff Textil AG

Founded in 1927, bischoff Textil AG has developed into today’s leading Swiss embroidery company. The creation, production and distribution of embroideries are in the hands of experienced experts whose maxim is quality in all its aspects. About 110 employees work for the Bischoff Textil AG. The range which is manufactured comprises all kinds of embroideries. The fashionable look of the products as well as their exclusivity and elegance has gained the company a unique reputation.

Bischoff Gamma

Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) is a joint venture company between Gamma Mfg. Co. Ltd and Bischoff Textile AG, a Swiss embroidery manufacturer- produces embroidery lace, embroidery allover and trimmings, motifs in various forms and finishes to meet the varied customer requirements in a wide range of applications for the domestic as well as the international markets. Products under the Bischoff Gamma(Thailand) brand names are widely used in a variety of related industries including home textiles, lingerie and ladies fashion. The latest trends in design, fabrics, yarns, colors and finishes are specifically developed to meet the individual customer requirements.

With the vision of becoming a world class fully integrated service oriented company, Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) also offers a wide range of top quality Jacquardtronic and Supertronic laces to supplement the embroidery collection. At the present, it exports over 80% of its products to major markets in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Bischoff Gamma Lanka

Bischoff Gamma Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. are manufacturers of high quality embroidered laces, trimmings, allovers and motifs in various forms and finishes to meet the varied customer requirements in a wide range of applications for the domestic as well as the international market. It is the daughter company of Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd which also produces high quality embroideries in Thailand since 1996. Products under the Bischoff Gamma Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Brandname are widely used in variety of related industries including home textiles, lingerie and ladies fashion.

The latest fashionable trends in design, fabrics, yarns, colors and finishes are specifically developed to meet the individual customer requirements. Forging ahead with the vision of becoming a world class fully integrated service oriented company. Bischoff Gamma Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is also offering a wide range of top quality Jacquardtronic and supertronic laces to supplement the embroidery collection. At present the company exports over 80% of its products to major markets in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Bischoff Roja Istanbul-Turkey

Established by Jak Saftekin, Roja started with warp knitting and then went into embroideries in 1967. The company which is a joint venture company with Bischoff Textil Ag, was established in 1996 is a major player in lingerie embroidery.

Bischoff Roja has a production plant in Silivri and a sales office in Merter. It plays a major role in the industry with its high technology machinery and expert team. The main objective of the company is to enhance creativity, quality and good service.

Bischoff-August International Inc

Bischoff-August was established in order to provide manufacturers in the U.S with the opportunity to purchase embroidery with the ultimate combination of Bischoff Textil’s award winning designs, technical expertise and quality in conjunction with August Fabrics decades of experience and market awareness. Their international presence with global production resources consists of state-of-the-art embroidery manufacturing and finishing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. These factories contain compatible high-tech electronic design equipment enabling them to develop the products in the U.s and have it manufactured in any of the Bischoff sites around the world. The offers unparalleled benefits for any embroidery project their customers undertake.

Gamma Textile Manufacturing

Gamma was established in 1988 with a registered capital of a million Baht. Gamma manufactures and distributes a wide variety of embroidery laces worldwide. Over ten years, Gamma now has a capital of over 500 million Baht and has become the largest Thai Embroidery Laces plant in the Kingdom. Gamma products have gained a world recognition and acclaim by exporting quality products to many countries throughout America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In 1995, a joint venture was found, Gamma textile Mfg.Co., Ltd. This joint company established a new embroidery laces plant in Petchaburi products to meet the increasing needs of quality embroidery laces I the world market.

Eschler Thaiknits

Eschller Thaiknit Co., Ltd was established in 2001. It is a joint venture company between Gamma Textil Mfg Co., Ltd and Christian Eschler AG, a swiss fabric manufacturer that produces both rigid and elastic warp knitted fabric for embroidery base. Eschler Thaiknit Co., Ltd produces the entire product range as part of the joint venture for the whole Asian market. The greige goods produced in Thailand are stored in Europe and subsequently dyed, finished and given individual final inspection to order the partner companies in Austria and Switzerland for their European and Swiss clientele. The European customers are provided with specimens and finished products from their own distribution center in Austria.

Gemma Knit

Gemma Knits (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a manufacture of high quality, fine gauge circular knitted fabrics predominantly used in lingerie/intimate apparel, sportswear, swimwear and athletic applications industry. All productions are visiually inspected 100% and tight inspection standards are maintained. Gemma Knits specializes in knitted fabrics together with the modern and sophisticate finishing technology under the management of expertise in both beam and jet dyed, which is supported by the world’s finest textile machinery and the latest ‘state of the art’ color prediction and measuring technology. A full range of quality control and testing equipment is available on site where a fully equipped modern laboratory is accredited to “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class I” certified and “Marks & Spencer” certified.

Gemini Textiles

Established in 1990, Gemini textile Co Ltd produces a wide array of yarns for various markets, encompassing embroidery lace, computerized embroidery, woven label, sewing and narrow knitting and weaving. Profound knowledge of the needs of the market, an in-house laboratory, high-technical standards, rigid quality control and innovation in developing new products are the key factors of Gemini’s success. Gemini is trusted by buyers of leading domestic and international brands such as Secret, Marks & Spencer, Wacoal and Triumph.


Karisma International Co. Ltd joined and invested with Spiga GmbH(Germany) and formed a new company Spiga (Thailand) Co., Ltd in 2007. Karisma International Co. Ltd is one of the few lace factories who have incorporated a revolutionary and superior technology which enables them to offer an enhance patterning capability in design coupled with great increase in production and efficiency.

Golden Mold Manufacturing

Golden Mold Manufacturing was established in 2010, by co-operation with Gemma Knits. With high quality spacer fabric for molding and the high quality polyester fabric for laminating, the various finished product have a good quality. All maters have passed the quality inspection from Oeko-Tex 100 and has also passed the bio toxic inspection (2, 4-TDI/ 2,6-TDI/ HDI/ IPDI/ TMXDI/ MDI).

Setafil Thailand

Setafil (Thailand), established since 2003, is a joint venture company between Shweninger Textile, a leading Schiffli Embroidery Yarn and Bobbin distributor is Europe and Gemini Textil Co., Ltd. With 15 years of experience in the embroidery field plus their complete vertical set up from yarn twisting, dyeing, finishing and makeup to order, they are able to distribute and provide top level embroidery yarns and Bobbins into the market for all quality conscious embroidery manufacturing company.


Formed in 1994, under the name Fenatex International Co., Ltd, Fenatex was started when a young, energetic and ambitious entrepreneur Mr. Krit Srichawla ventured into trading of embroidery yarns and selling Laser Schifli embroidery machines. Since then the company has increased its product range in manifold. With the group venturing into many areas of business, the textile division of the group was separated into a new company in 2007. Fenatex has witnessed a steady growth and every year new products are added to its foray and new countries and partners are added in their list of customers. With its annual turnover crossing the USD 50 million mark, the company is now actively trading goods in more than 35 countries around the globe. The company also manufactures polyester textured yarns, twisted yarns and polyester woven grey fabrics under its own brand FICOFIL. Fenatex is managed by a team of professionals and expat technocrats who have a rich experience in both upstream and downstream processes of the textile industry and ensures that the company always sources and produces high quality products. The company has a very dedicated, experienced and motivated back office team who are always eager to provide the best possible services to its suppliers and customers. Fenatex also has its office in Hangzhou, China. With its warehouses located in the heart of textile zone in Bangkok and its wide range of product, Fenatex has gained a reputation as a textile supermarket.

Fena Plus Amann

Fena Plus Amann Co., Ltd was established in 2002 under the Fena Plus Co., Ltd. Their first major products were Rayon Embroidery and other products related to the embroidery industry. In 2006, Amann Group from Germany, the world leading manufacturer of sewing threads merged as a joint venture with Fena Plus Co., Ltd and the Fena Plus Amann Co., Ltd was formed. Upon merging, the Fena Plus Amann started distributing high quality sewing threads and embroidery for garment and footwear industries from the Amann Group for the local market.

Fena Spinning

A company within the FICO group, Fena Spinning Co., Ltd, manufactures textile and yarn.

Lasser India

Lasser AG is an innovative and flexible Swiss company and the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of high performance shuttle embroidery machines. With its products impressing due to their cost-benefit ratio, Lasser relies on innovation, progress and personal support to their customers to help with their process. With ground-breaking technologies and major investments in their production facilities in Diepoldsau (Switzerland) , Lasser has secured themselves a leading position in the world market. To ensure high availability and direct connection, Laaser has sites in various countries including India.

Fenatex Asia

Fenatex asia is a company corporate with Fenatex. It trades textiles and yarns in Hong Kong.